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Dr. Kenneth Solomon

Dr. Kenneth Solomon

I do not want to present the mundane facts of my practice, but instead just some details of my life and journey to health.

I hope to make myself a bit more transparent in an attempt to make our relationship more tangible and emotionally connected so as to make this website more useful to you as an educational resource and a conduit for communication. So here goes.

I was born in Brooklyn the year the Dodgers finally won the world series which was of course 1955. I think because of this I will always be linked to the sport regardless of how much I must suffer as a NY Met fan. My only sibling, a sister was born four years later. My father chose to raise us in the country and moved us out to Long island when I was nine. Other than my parents I was closest to my grandfather whose untimely death from heart disease and cancer when I was twelve convinced me to become a health care provider. I graduated from Kings Park High School and then Stonybrook University with degrees in Biology and Psychology. Graduation from Chiropractic school followed four years later in December, 1980.

I left the congested Long Island region to practice in mid-state New York (I couldn’t bring myself to go to sunny San Diego and be so far from the Mets!) where I have been practicing for 30 continuous years. My first children (yes, twin boys) were born in 1982. Children followed in 1985, 1990, 2001 (my only princess) and in 2006. My children are my greatest blessings and the measure of my wealth. My wife is my anchor in life and my best friend.

I love my parents very much. They both died much too soon and suffered with long-term illnesses that robbed their vitality and limited their lifestyles. Heart disease and diabetes are merciless in their onslaught. I discovered too late that they are almost entirely preventable.

Almost ten years ago I was diagnosed with diabetes and heart disease. Memories of my parent’s suffering were fresh. Thoughts of dialysis and oxygen tanks haunted me. Medications were prescribed. I was following the genetic steps of my parents to the grave. I chose a different path. I started my journey. I travelled and learned. I studied and experimented. I chose a contrary direction to traditional western medicine and everything that I had previously been taught. It is working. My studies continue. My journey continues.

I have become expert in whole food nutrition, herbal therapy, homeopathy, allergy elimination and emotional techniques. These are all wonderful compliments to Chiropractic care. I now share all this with my patients, friends, family and anyone who will listen. It is my passion, and I am compelled. This website is another avenue for me to reach you. For me to disseminate ideas which will enable you to live a more healthful and vital life. So that when your life winds down it is filled with peace. This is my joyful obligation.

Blessings, and enjoy.

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